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Guy Michaels has produced nearly 700 Voiceover Demos since 2006.

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2016 marks the 10th Anniversary of Round Island Voicereels.

"For any VoiceOver seeking to secure work one needs samples. It's our shop window, so naturally you want to put forward a range of goods as well as demonstrate the quality. Guy at Round Island helps you to do just that. Even for a seasoned professional it's great to work with Guy as he pushes you. Try this, try that, imagine you're really under stress/bored/a deranged fairy! He really puts you through your paces and in fact the recording of my Character and Animation showreel was akin to a full physical workout! The process was collaborative, which I love, and painless. He's likeable, generous and professional and very talented. If you're serious about the business, get yourself to Round Island."

CAROLINE WOODRUFF - Professional Voiceover Artist